What is Reiki?

energy healing, Paula Linkiewicz

Reiki means 'Universal Life-force Energy' and it is a very gentle yet very powerful method of healing on all levels.

It was re-discovered and developed towards the end of the nineteenth century by Dr Mikao Usui, who was, amongst other things, a Japanese Buddhist Monk.

Universal life energy is something we all have flowing through us. Many cultures and religions are aware of the existence of this energy; they just use other terminology: Chi, Prana or light are simply other names of the same. Reiki has no religious connection and can be practiced by anyone, whether religious or not.

Body/mind is designed to heal itself, all we need to do is to remove obstacles standing on the way to our well-being. And that’s exactly what Reiki does.

Physically and emotionally, Reiki supports the release of blocked areas and toxins, cleansing the body and gently effecting changes to promote a healthier life.

It can be used alongside conventional medicine to assist recovery and help the body’s natural flow of energy to become more balanced. Newborn babie, pregnant women, surgical patients and the elderly, regardless of their state of health can equily benefit from Reiki as it is safe for all ages.

Some of the endless benefits of Reiki:

go beyond illusion, deep relaxation

What does the treatment looks like?

Reiki healing, pain relief

The priority when receiving Reiki healing is for you to be as comfortable as possible to maximise your relaxation and comfort. In most cases that means stretching out on the therapy couch. However, some people preffer sitting position.

There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki will pass through anything. I then gently place my hands in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body. A full session takes 90 minutes with each hand position held for several minutes

What can I expect to feel during a treatment?

Reiki, depression

There can be a number of reactions during Reiki treatment. Some experience intense pleasant heat or tingling sensation; some feel as though they are floating or see vivid colours; others feel like laughing or become very emotional. The experience differs from person to person. The most important thing is to relax and allow your body/mind do the healing work.

Cancellation policy:
24 hours notice is required otherwise the full fee will be charged.

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