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Roll Massage

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What is Roll Massage?

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Roll Massage also called  Rollen is one of the most advanced and developed massage reconditioning device on the market.
It is designed to effectively stimulate blood and lymph circulation which helps to speed up the metabolism, reduce fat tissue and eliminate waste products.

The machine received FDA approval in June 2005 and since that date, many doctors and cosmetic surgeons are providing this as the newest treatment to combat cellulite. The machine has shown remarkable improvement in the overall appearance of cellulite by reducing and shrinking cellulite ridden areas of the body: upper arms, legs, hips, thighs,buttocks.


How does Roll Massage work?

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 Treatment is applied on the basis of specific chronology of particular positions organized in the directions of lymfatic ways.
Roll Massage device combines a radiofrequency waves (Infrared) and mechanical massage to break down the fatty tissue where cellulite finds it home. The machine breaks up the water in the tissue and in this way it recontours the skin surface. During the treatment the liquid left overs from fatty tissues are excreted through the kidneys and treated as waste by the body.


Who can benefit from Roll Massage?

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 This treatment is for those who are looking for new and the most effective ways to lose inches, reduce fat and cellulite on the most problematic parts of their body - abdomen, thighs and buttocks, as well as form their figure and smooth the skin.

     It also helps:
·    to activate lymfatic circulation
·    to clean the lymfatic ways  
·    to stimulate substance exchange
·    to strengthen and shape up the body
·    to relax the muscles
·    to improve overall health
·    to boost energy level


What are the contraindications?

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·    Untreated  and unstabilzed hypertension
·    Heart disease (cardiac pacemaker,valves)
·    Circulatory disorders
·    Advanced Varicose Veins
·    Cancer
·    Lymphadenitis
·    Dermatitis
·    Pregnancy
·    Advanced Osteoporosis

Whenever in doubt, always consult your GP.


How to prepare for Roll Massage treatment?

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·    tied up long hair
·    take all your jewellery off
·    wear comfortable leggins and long-sleeved top
·    always wear socks

It’s recommended you drink at least one glass of water before the treatment and sip some water during the treatment to prevent dehydration and to support body’s cleasning process.

 The treatment starts with the feet massage and moves up the body ending up with arm massage.

Application method is explained step by step.

It takes 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Treatment time as well as the period of application is individually appointed.
The recommended course for use of this technology is 10-25 sessions lasting minimum 30 minutes.


Cancellation policy:
24 hours notice is required otherwise the full fee will be charged.

For more informations, please contact me via my email ».

GoBeyondIllusion Paula Linkiewicz
My name is Paula Linkiewicz.
I’ve been a practitioner of complementary therapies since 1999.