go beyond illusion Paula Linkiewicz

My philosophy

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go beyond illusion, Paula Linkiewicz

My personal aim is to help people to regain peace of mind and inner balance, in order to enable them to deal with stress and any emotional or physical issues more effectively.

I always strive to help people to unleash their true potential, change unwanted habits or behaviours, find solutions to challenges and concerns and, improve their physical health.

I assist people in this healing process using the power of complementary therapies.

My approach to the treatments is very holistic. The whole person is always taken into consideration: the life style and the emotional well-being, as there may be many factors contributing to physical discomfort.

Having spent many years exploring, adjusting and incorporating into my practice some of the most effective and powerful complementary therapies/programmes, I equipped myself with the tools which allow me to tailor each treatment session according to what is needed the most and what can result in the greatest health benefits.

My strong belief is that it is never too late to start caring about your physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Let me help you to go beyond illusion and find a key to your happiness!

GoBeyondIllusion Paula Linkiewicz
My name is Paula Linkiewicz.
I’ve been a practitioner of complementary therapies since 1999.