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Welcome to Go Beyond Illusion website. My name is Paula Linkiewicz. I’ve been practicing complementary therapies since 1999.

I became curious about human mind and body at the age of fifteen. Curiosity soon turned into fascination. As I was gaining knowledge about subjects such as spirituality, emotions, philosophy, psychology and energy and started incorporating it into my life, it became clear to me that it was the direction I wanted to follow and explore further.

I decided to study Physiotherapy. Having gone through the modules of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Sports and Holistic Massage I acquired more in-depth knowledge on how the human body works and how to ‘fix’ it.

I spent years applying this understanding into practice during my work in hospitals, hospices and clinics for children with special needs. It was a very rewarding experience...but I felt that something was missing. What I was working with, was only a physical body. I could sense that some clients and patients’ health was not improving or it did just for a short period of time.

I shared my concerns with a friend who told me about a system called The Silva Method. I knew nothing about it at that time and I was encouraged to learn how it works. It was an eye opening experience! During that training I was introduced to dynamic meditation and visualization, which offers practical formulas for solving problems, getting more out of life and reawakening creativity and intuition.

I combined this powerful system with traditional meditation methods (including breath exercises/awareness, body postures, contemplation) I studied years later. Thanks to this connection I feel I share the meditation experience in a deeper and more creative way.

go beyond illusion, Paula LinkiewiczAfter the Silva training I was introduced to Reiki healing. Energy-wise, I’ve never been the same since. My teacher said once: “Reiki will always take you where you need to go as long as you don't fight it. Just trust the healing process”.

This very practical and at the same time, extremely spiritual system has healed and transformed me on so many levels. I love practising Reiki with people as it allows me to approach their problems more holistically- treating physical body and emotional problems simultaneously.

In a search for constant improvement of my skills and work I completed Reflexology training. It is another fascinating and powerful complementary therapy I’ve been eagerly practising since. My clients love it as it is pleasant, exceptionally relaxing and brings amazing healing results.

During my years of practice I’ve often heard from people saying: “I feel stuck”, “I’m tired of procrastination”, “I feel lost” or “unable to break bad habits”. Frequent occurrence of such cases prompted me to ask myself a question: What can help people transform dynamically the way they think and act? I did some research and found NLP and Time Line Therapy training. Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotions (programmes). ‘Tools’ that are used during NLP session break old thinking/reacting patterns and replace them with new ones (desired). This shift has powerful and dynamic impact on both- professional and personal aspects of people’s lives. Time Line Therapy helps to release any emotional baggage from past experiences as well as create a link (visually and emotionally) between NOW and desired future outcomes.

GoBeyondIllusion Paula Linkiewicz
My name is Paula Linkiewicz.
I’ve been a practitioner of complementary therapies since 1999.